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Welcome to The Alternative Gentleman- a lifestyle guide for growing-up in The Scene.

The Alternative Gentleman respects himself and is courteous of those around him, even if the feeling is not reciprocated. He is loyal; a staunch defender of friendship. He speaks truth and values honest expressions of emotion. He takes pride in his community and prescribes to the DIY ethic- supporting local venues and artisans. He has strong opinions about life and the arts, yet is unwilling to bend in the name of social conformity.

It’s a call to give up your self-doubt, to take pride in your unique perspective, and to grow-up without selling-out.

About the Author:

The Alternative Gentleman

The Alternative Gentleman

My name is Isaac. I come from a small town in West Virginia. Growing up I never really fit in with my peers and I was ok with that. In 2001 I was introduced to Saves The Day and my life hasn’t been the same since. The Scene provided me a community of which I was proud to belong. Now at 28 I’m trying to balance my ideals with the real world.

The majority of my spare time is spent supporting West Ham United, reading, & listening to music. I also dabble in guitar, piano, & turntablism and I’m always looking to learn new instruments.

My wife and I started dating in 2001 and were married in 2008. Deidra is an elementary school teacher & part-time crafter but her most impressive talent is putting up with me. Her jewelry, hair-, & fashion-accessories can be found on Etsy.

Questions, comments, concerns? Email me: [email protected]

Follow me on Twitter: @wibcasto

Check out one of my music projects: Sound Vox Dynamic

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