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Movember and Sons

Movember and Sons

It’s almost that time of year again: that 30 glorious days that I tap into my inner-Tom Selleck and grow a bad ass mustache otherwise known as Movember.  Read the rest of this entry

Back Again

I began this site after what I thought was a breakthrough. After years of struggling, I was finally where I was supposed to be. That now, on the other side, I could help ease someone else’s struggles. But over the past year I have realized how fragile I am, how far I am from the person I once was, and how far I am from the person I want to be.

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The Alternative Gentleman – Series 3

A third Alternative Gentleman-inspired treasury created by AllThereIs.

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Life Lessons from The Pit

Life presents amble opportunity to learn. We are continually enlightened and humbled by simple truths that guide the rest of our days. Many times we need pushed outside of our comfort-zone to take in new experiences.
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I Am Not a Salesman

I got into Circa Survive the fall after On Letting Go came out in 2007. I was driving home from my accounting job when the final line of “Living Together” hit me. As Anthony Green hypnotically repeated ”Would you trade your soul for gold?”, I wondered what I was doing with my life. I had been out of college just over a year and felt that I had totally lost my sense of self. Read the rest of this entry


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